With deepest gratitude, I write this letter to you all, in honor of my teacher, mentor and friend- Eric Paskel- founder of Yoga Shelter and Electric Soul Yoga. 

I first walked through the doors of Electric Soul Yoga, formerly Yoga Shelter, in Studio City, Ca on the evening of August 12, 2012. Sweet GEEEEEZUS! What in the world did I just come across? It felt like a Tasmanian devil spun me around and I landed somewhere magical. I was suddenly in the midst of a physical practice and philosophical presence, with musical sounds from the greats filling the studio, and my body. My feelings and thoughts were triggered and questions, that I didn't know I had, were quickly answered. My ass was handed to me from an amazing workout and I felt I was being embraced in the arms of a gentle being without hands-on contact ever being made. I thought, how is this even possible? I quickly learned that it is possible, for him. He is just that good.

Eric is knowledgeable, intuitive, compassionate and he somehow manages to hold a space that is encouraging and nonjudgmental for all.  His energy is uplifting, his enthusiasm encouraging, and his vitality is inspiring. Eric has provided more than his knowledge, more than an education, more than his insight. He has given me hugs when I needed them most, his time when I didn't understand how he had it to give and, most importantly, his ear. He somehow makes his way through my sob stories, the ones where no one else would even begin to understand what is being said through the tears. He is there for me, and I am in awe knowing that he, in the same way, is there for so many - even when he is thousands of miles away. 

I am eternally grateful for the knowledge and insight and unique point of view Eric has passed on from his life experiences and for opening the door to Vedanta for me - the philosophy by which I now live.  He has paved the way for me to continue to ground down and rise up!

And to you, Eric... What can I say? The words 'thank you' do not even begin to express the amount of gratitude and love I have for you, however, in the simplest of ways, they are perfect. So... Thank you.




  Eric Paskel

Eric Paskel


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