"With Kimberly Rosenberg, seeing is believing. Kim is one of those few people where you can see and feel immediately who she is from the inside, out. She is the friend that will always stand by you, the daughter who will always see the beauty of her parents, the employee who will put the organization’s interests above her own, the co-worker that makes everyone better around her, the student who is open and excited to learn and the teacher who is skilled enough to keep her ego at the door. Kimberly is one of few people in the world who wears her heart on her sleeve and has a clear head to steer it. There is only one of everybody in the world, but as I do, you'll wish there were more than just one Kimberly Rosenberg."

Eric Paskel - Founder and owner of Electric Soul Yoga


"Kimberly Rosenberg is one special woman. She has the nurturing qualities one wants in a yoga teacher and the fun aspects that makes you feel safe and playful in class. The first class I took with her I immediately felt safe in a way that allowed me to let go and trust, which is huge for me both as a student and a teacher. Her hunger for knowledge and wisdom is what differentiates her and makes her keep growing as a student and as a teacher. I enjoy seeing her evolve as a teacher and you would benefit greatly from taking her classes on a regular basis. You’ll find not only a great yoga teacher in her, but a great friend as well."

Rina Jakubowicz - Founder and owner of Rina Yoga 



"During the 5 years I've been practising yoga, I've come across a lot of teachers and Kimberly is one of my all-time favorites. She makes yoga accessible and fun whilst also holding her students accountable to each and every movement, thought and breath. Kim's warm approachable demeanor made it easier for me to look inward; somehow she brought a lightness to her teaching that paradoxally allowed me to feel the heaviness of my feelings and in so doing helped me to let them pass through (and onwards) to make space for something new."

- Lucy Fry, London


"I met the wonderful Kimberly on a Surf Maroc retreat. Not only was she engaging with her teaching approach, she was fantastic at quiding us to levels she knew we could go. She is wonderfully positive, energetic and great to talk with about matters of the heart. Highly recommended for any yoga enthusiast looking for a sensual, invigorating yoga practice."

- Brannigan Barrett, Derivatives Trader, London


"Kimberly's instruction was second to none and she immediately put everyone in the class at ease with her can do attitude which accommodated for all, regardless of their level of yoga. I came away feeling recharged and focused.

- Jack, UK Armed Forces


"Kimberly is amazing! She is the eyebrow guru of los angeles and the only one I will let touch my face! She has successfully brought my brows back to life and she did my makeup for my wedding in some magical way that actually made it possible for me to have an amazing time throughout the ceremony and reception without thinking of touch ups, as none were needed! She treats you like family every time you walk through the door!"

-Acasia Stratt, Director of Operations at Procovery Institute


"I have been fortunate enough to know Kimberly for many, many years and therefore have watched her evolve from someone passionate about what she does, to someone amazing at what she does. She listens to her clients needs and adjust her techniques to accomplish beyond those needs. Whether she is taming your eyebrows or doing your make-up for that special event, she works with an artistry that isn’t always seen in this business. She cares deeply about her clients and wants to make sure every one of them feels likes a superstar when she is done. She has my utmost trust and that’s the most you can give to anyone!"

-Olga Ackad


"Kimberly is amazing. I was introduced to her through a salon introductory package including cut/facial/brow waxing/and manicure. Kimberly was a standout, only she was exceptional. I went back, and went back again...and continue to go to her for my eyebrow shaping. I have been going to her for over 13 years now and have followed her through a few moves. She is wonderfully accommodating (since I can’t ever seem to manage to make an appointment more than a couple of days in advance) and I’m always happy when I leave my appointment. I’d highly recommend her to anyone."

 -Dr. Mariana Rodrigues


"Hi Kimberly,

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for making me look so beautiful for Tracy's wedding. You are so talented, I can't even begin to put it into words. Tracy was pure perfection. She was the most beautiful bride...the make up was flawless...those lashes...amazing...it all just was perfect.

I loved how I looked. I loved it all. I know I was a little overwhelmed when you were finished with me and my hair and make up was done but once I got dressed, and saw it all together......

Everything went beautifully on Saturday Kim. You were so patient...every girl that sat in your chair emerged a swan. You are such a talented artist. We were so lucky that you and Deb were able to style Tracy's wedding.

Thank you so much for everything. I loved being with you on Saturday...it felt right...it was warm and wonderful in that suite....I loved it all................

Thank you again and again for making all of us look and FEEL so incredibly beautiful on Tracy's wedding day.

But the bride...well it was her moment....she was exquisite from beginning to end. Thank you for helping to give Tracy the wedding of her dreams.........

I adore you


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