our story

The short version…

Kimberly, the founder of First Light Beauty, is a being with a lot of love to share, the deep desire for people to feel loved and connected and a drive that is unstoppable. Kimberly realized that when she began to step out of her comfort zone, to move forward in life and face fears, her experiences were richer, felt more connected and authentic, and relationships grew in depth and value. Because she has always been someone who has related better to actions than words, she wanted to be a role model for those struggling and suffering -- whether it’s day to day stress and anxiety or some sort of trauma -- she believes there is always a way through; a way to heal. She lives her life by Robert Frost’s words, “the best way out is always through.” Through this platform, Kimberly shares with you the paths that led her, and others, through Self discovery, growth and feeling and being connected.


A message from kimberly…

After more than a decade of being a Makeup Artist and Eyebrow Specialist in a salon, I found that my connection to my work was becoming foggy and I needed a way to center myself so that I could remedy the disconnect I was experiencing. I completed my Yoga Teacher Training with Eric Paskel, Founder of Electric Soul Yoga, and began to feel my personal passion for yoga shift. I was being pulled in a direction of being of service to my community in a new way.

I have had many AH HA! moments over the last several years that have shed light on who I felt I was becoming as a person and who I wanted to become - a more authentic, grounded and connected version of myself. 

A couple of years ago, I made a life changing decision to sell and donate 90% of my belongings, leaving behind everything I ever knew, to move to a third world country to pursue my love of teaching yoga and discovering great surf. I learned how to live simply, shift my perspective on my career and the relationship I had with money and material objects.

I was challenged at times, to say the least, but I kept coming back to the reason why I left in the first place. There was a lot of laughter and tears, along with throwing my hands up and saying, “f*@k it!" at times, surrendering to what I didn't know.

I distinctly remember one evening in particular. I was laying on my bed staring at the bright light above me in my staff house in Morocco. I was reflecting upon my life and every choice I made that led me to that exact moment. At that time, I possessed the least amount of material objects and the least amount of money in my bank account, but, I had the richest relationships with my friends, family and myself. I was surrounded by people I just met, living in a culture that was completely foreign to me and for the first time, I truly felt I was consciously living the most authentic life I could.

From that space, First Light Beauty was born.

First Light Beauty represents connection. My yoga practice is not just about rolling out my mat in class, it is a conscious awareness of the life I'm choosing to create and live, an awareness that is utilized and reflected upon in the ocean and a view that is open to new perceptions, flexibility and adaptation. First Light is my favorite time of day to surf. The water is the calmest; my thoughts are the purest; I’m full of energy; there are shadows of light and dark reminding me of the intricate balance of life; and, watching the sunrise whilst sitting on my board is a feeling second to none. I truly feel alive in the water! I am reminded that beauty can not be defined by a certain shape, size, color, height, weight, etc. Where I have struggled with an unhealthy relationship with my body in the past, I feel weightless and strong in the water. I feel unstoppable. There are times I’m scared in the water, but, I utilize that gentle (ok, sometimes not so gentle) reminder that there is something much greater than myself and I am part of a universal force and energy that is within us all. It is a reminder to check in with my thoughts and perception and ground myself for what’s to come.

I am grateful for my family, friends and yoga teacher, Eric, who have continued to stick by my side through thick and thin. The highs and lows of life are still there, just like they will always be, but, they are approached with a healthy mindset, creating more balance and an acceptance of the unknown. Even in the darkest times, I know there is light and a way through. I believe life’s experiences of what we label as heaven and hell can either make or break us, only if we choose to allow it to. I want to utilize everything I have experienced—the good, bad, and ugly—to continue to discover my truest Self. I welcome it all because when I look back, I see how much I have gained—strength, humility, wisdom and a true sense of who I am continuing to grow into.

When stepping outside of our comfort zone, life can seem very lonely at times, even when we surround ourselves with great people; I want to give people the opportunity to experience the same support, encouragement and love, that I do. I have found it makes all the difference in the world to get through challenging moments.

We all long for connection and love. That begins when we allow ourselves to detach our worth from the labels, status and titles we hold - everything we believe defines us, and just be. Natural. Just like allowing ourselves to drop to our knees in a yoga class and be with our breath; and, experiencing a glorious sunrise over the open water, walking around bare faced with crazy hair, just because it feels good, painting on a face of makeup because we’re feeling creative, not hiding from the world. When someone or something, in it’s natural state, is given the proper amount of space, support, encouragement and love, there is exponential growth. There is a flow to nature that we can all learn from to shed light on our true Self. I invite you to experience that natural flow through the 4 paths of yoga, surfing and how you relate to your what you see in the mirror, with First Light Beauty.

My team and I look forward to walking along side you as you discover your inner light, and, may that light shine bright, reflecting your badass beauty, resulting in the ultimate connection with your Self!


With much love and light,