Peter De Simone has over 22 years surfing world class waves in destinations such as Indonesia, Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador and grew up surfing the famed waves of Malibu. With competitions under his belt and training and working with Evan Caples, owner of Ventura Surf School and Tom Corliss, owner of Malibu Makos, Peter has the knowledge to set you up for success out in the water!                                                     

Water safety is Peter's number one priority so he will go over everything you need to know about tides, currents, swell, wind direction, paddling and popping up before getting your feet wet. Once the 411 is passed on, get ready to get your stoke on!

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned surfer and want to fine-tune your skills, Peter is your man! For all you first timers, Peter will have you riding waves your first day!


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